British Shooting Show 18th, 19th & 20th February NEC, Birmingham

About the Artist

Based in Rural Nottinghamshire just a stones throw away from the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, artist and designer Kimberley Dewhurst creates unique and vibrant pieces of art all inspired by her countryside surroundings. 

Working from her home studio means that Kimberley has a lot of time to take Maisy, the ever so needy Cocker spaniel for long walks along the canal and onto the country park where much of her inspiration is drawn from. She will often see Red Deer, Kingfishers, Hares, Foxes, Goldfinch, Herons and one of her favorite birds the Great Crested Grebe on the lake 

To create her unique pieces of art, she uses professional quality coloured pencils. This amazing medium allows her to achieve stunning high quality illustrations that make you want to stroke the fur on that little rabbit’s tummy. Many pieces are also hand embellished with her signature style, flicks to create energy or carefully painted strokes to represent soft grass bowing in the wind. This hand embellishment is applied after printing, making each piece truly unique. 

 All products are professionally produced and proudly made in Great Britain, and in the majority all are produced by small businesses. Being eco-friendly is at the forefront of this businesses ethos by using sustainably sourced materials and packaging where ever possible.