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'Oyster Catcher' Original


  • Image of 'Oyster Catcher' Original
  • Image of 'Oyster Catcher' Original

The original drawing was created using coloured pencils on paper. All materials used for the original are of the very highest quality only used by professionals. The pencils themselves are colour fast and will last many years if the original is well looked after.

The drawing is then finished with a single mount and a 4cm width Driftwood Frame in a colour of your choice. The original will be delivered ready to hand and beautifully gift wrapped.

Total drawing Size 12” x 9”
Total Mounted Size 16" x 13"
Total Framed Size 19" x 16"

Originals will be sent via Special Delivery (Next Day Delivery)

Image of Blue Tits - Original Drawing
Blue Tits - Original Drawing
Image of 'Puffin Love' Original Drawing
'Puffin Love' Original Drawing
Image of Mandarin Duck - Original
Mandarin Duck - Original
Image of ‘Fighting Pheasants’ original
‘Fighting Pheasants’ original
Image of ‘Bella Bluebell’ original
‘Bella Bluebell’ original
Image of ‘Dive’ Original Drawing
‘Dive’ Original Drawing
Image of Lapwing - Original
On sale
Lapwing - Original
Image of ‘Bold as Brass’ Original
‘Bold as Brass’ Original
Image of ‘Water Rail’ Original Drawing
‘Water Rail’ Original Drawing
Image of 'Nutcracker' Original
On sale
'Nutcracker' Original
Image of ‘Chinese Water Deer’ Original
‘Chinese Water Deer’ Original
Image of ‘Sika’ original
‘Sika’ original
Image of ‘Fallow Deer’ Original Drawing
‘Fallow Deer’ Original Drawing
Image of ‘Brambling’ Original
On sale
‘Brambling’ Original
Image of ‘Shooters Peg’ Original
‘Shooters Peg’ Original
Image of ‘Fair Game’ Original
On sale
‘Fair Game’ Original
Image of Flying Red Grouse - Original
On sale
Flying Red Grouse - Original
On sale
Image of Gold Fox - Original
On sale
Gold Fox - Original
Image of Chinese Water Deer - Original
On sale
Chinese Water Deer - Original
Image of Pitching Kingfisher Graphite Original
On sale
Pitching Kingfisher Graphite Original
Image of Otter - Origianl Graphite Drawing
Otter - Origianl Graphite Drawing
Image of Badger - Original Graphite Drawing
Sold out
Badger - Original Graphite Drawing
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